Pots of Love has donated over $1,500 to Duke/Johns Hopkins towards food allergy research

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It all started when I was 17 months old.  My grandpa was in town.  I took a bite of his pecan log roll.  I got a few little hives.  I then went to bed.  I woke up in the middle of the night my head was swollen double it's size, so I am told.  I was sick from both ends.  After that my parents had me tested for food allergies.  My throat will close if I eat any tree nuts, (almounds, walnuts, cashews,etc...) shellfish, peanuts and recently I can no longer eat raw apples, pears or cherries.  I have learned to read all labels.  Eating at school is hard.

Here's a new one!! We just found out that I am also allergic to wheat (gluten) and soy, dairy as well. I don't eat any of the wheat or soy products now, but dairy is still OK for now even though I'm technically allergic to it.